Telugu Lalitha Kala Thoranam

An open air Auditorioum with a seating capacity of 4500 people was the brain child of late Sri N.T.Rama Rao, the Ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. This was built at Public Gardens, tlkt_sHyderabad within a three months period for holding International Film Festival during 1986. The Auditorioum is under the control of Director, Department of Culture, Government of Andhra Pradesh. This is being given for holding meetings or other performing programmes to the private parties/organizations on rent. Theatre can be booked on the payment of full rent along with caution deposit by way of DD or Banker Cheques in favour of the special officer as per the schedule of rents mentioned below.

Program Description (for 12 Hours) Rent (Rs.) Deposit (Rs.) Maintenance Charges (Non refundable)
Programs by Invitation 10,000/- 10,000/- 3,000/-
By tickets/sponsored programmes 25,000/- 25,000/- 3,000/-
School/College Functions, Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, Felicitations 25,000/- 25,000/- 3,000/-
Films & Musical Nights 25,000/- 25,000/- 3,000/-
Film Award Functions / Audio release / 100 days celebrations 50,000/- 50,000/- 3,000/-
Film Shootings 50,000/- 50,000/- 3,000/-
Screening of Films 5,000/- 5,000/- 3,000/-
Details of Auditorium Capacity
VVIP’s 300 VIP’s 500
Invitees 1,800 Closed Balcony 400
Open Balcony 1,500
Total Capacity 4,500

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