Terms & Conditions





  • All the Bookings of Ravindra Bharathi (Main Theatre, Conference hall and Mini Theatre) will be made through the website only.

  • Director, Department of Culture or Secretary, Ravindra Bharathi reserves the right in the allotment, cancellation of any program of any party/organization without assigning reason therefore.

  • Priority of allotment will be given to the Cultural activities based on the promotion of Culture.


  • Once the booking is made on particular party/organization name cannot be transferred to any other party/organization without prier permission from the Director. In case if found such party/organization violating this norm will be block listed.

  • Party/Organization on which name the booking is made shall only be allowed to display its name in the stage (centre space) and within the premises.

  • For display of name(s) of Sponsor Organization on the stage and within premises additional charges have to be made along with the booking charges.

  • After booking through website, the confirmation process will be done and is informed to the party through e-mail / SMS / over phone.

  • After confirmation of booking, the party has to submit a DD for 100% charges as per the schedule of rates with in next 3 working days at the office of Ravindra Bharathi. Parties not belong to twin cities can submit their DD within 7 working days of their booking issued in favour of “Secretary, Ravindra Bharathi” payable at Hyderabad  in any Nationalized Bank and failures to pay the charges in time, the booking request will be cancelled without issuing any notice

  • Payment is in any other format will not be accepted.

  • Cooking is not allowed in the premises and Non-vegetarian food shall not be allowed in the premises of Ravindra Bharathi and any other Theatres of Ravindra Bharathi. In addition to it, no eatable items are allowed in the Theatres (Main Theatre, Conference Hall & Mini Theatre).

  • The organisers are permitted to sell tickets in advance at the booking counter room subject to the condition if the counter is vacant.

  • Advertisement in the premises of the theatre will be permitted at such place for SEVEN DAYS in advance duly approved by the management.

  • After completion of the programme, the organizer should submit DVD & Photos of your programme to A.O, Ravindra Bharathi to upload the video of programme into Ravindra Bharathi youtube channel i.e. www.youtube.com/ravindrabharathihyd.



  • The reservation once made is final and cannot be preponed or postponed.

  • The party can cancel their program before, the rent amount may not be returned and from the deposit amount the service tax may be deducted.

  • Caution deposit once paid for any programme can be adjusted towards future programme of the same party within the calendar year, otherwise it will not be refund.

  • The authority to Change / cancellation / stoppage of permission of the allotment, without any prior notice is lie with the Director of Culture and it is the discretion of the Director for any decision / action on the allotment.


  • We are hereby affirm and agree that, we will not approach any court of law or any other institutions on the decisions / actions in respect of change / cancellation / postponement of the allotments made by the Director of Culture, as the Director of Culture is the ultimate final and discretionary authority for taking any such decisions.

  • The Management of Ravindra Bharathi reserves the right to refuse allotment of the Main Theatre to any’ institution or individual without assigning reason there for.

  • The Management shall have access to the auditorium and stage of the Main Theatre at all times and even during the actual performance.

  • The Management of Ravindra Bharathi shall not be in any way responsible for the loss or damage to any property stage materials of the allottee before, during or after a performance, remaining in stage or the other premises of Ravindra Bharathi.

  • The Management of Ravindra Bharathi reserves the right to occupy the seats mentioned here under marked ‘T’ in the auditorium of the main theatre on any occasion without any payment whatsoever.

  • The following 50 seats shall not be occupied by any person other than those possessing the complimentary.
    ‘A’ Row 1 to 9; ‘B’ Row 1 to 12 ; ‘C’ Row 1 to 13 and ‘D’ Row 1 to 15


  • The allotee will have control of admission of any person only to the Auditorium, stage and Greenrooms of the main theatre but not to any other part of premises of the Ravindra Bharathi.

  • It is strictly instructed that the allotee shall not operate outside light or sound equipment.

  • The video operators engaged by the party should use only the points fixed in the theatre and that they should not move around disturbing the audience. If they are found to deviate this, the management will have the right to cancel the program and send out the videographer from the theatre.

  • Parties / individuals using the green rooms if found misusing the same are liable to be heavily fined or blacklisted.

  • Spitting in the Green rooms or Bath rooms, Dais, Auditorium, Balcony, Corridors are strictly prohibited.

  • Disfiguring of the walls of the Main Auditorium, Main Theatre, Green Rooms, Clock Rooms, Furniture and equipment in the green rooms will entail forfeiture of deposit; parties will also be liable of black listing for future bookings.

  • It shall be the responsibility of the party to replace bulbs and other electrical equipment found missing in the Green room or toilets.

  • No refreshments shall be allowed inside the auditorium.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Main Auditorium and in the Ravindra Bharathi premises.

  • No permission for decoration or extra illumination of the building or premises of Ravindra Bharathi, will be given to any allottee.

  • The allottees desirous of illumination the Ravindra Bharathi building or other places should do so at their own cost only with the specific permission of the theatre management using a silent generator only.

  • Pan, Cigarette, Pan masala, Gutka and other intoxicated are strictly prohibited in the theatre and premises.


  • All the parties shall pay in advance, the Caution Money deposit at Ravindra Bharathi as per the schedule of the rents. This is against the damages caused during their programs.

  • The caution money deposit made in the office of Ravindra Bharathi will be refunded after deducting the cost of damage, A.C.Charges etc. This rule does not in any way absolve the liability of the allottee from paying the full value of the damage as assessed by the management of Ravindra Bharathi.

  • Explanation: It is the responsibility of the party to take over the auditorium, stage and green rooms before the performance and handover them back at the end of such program in the same conditions as it was taken over, by duly singing in the forms provided and noting down the damages, if any. In-case, the form shall be countersigned by the officer on duty and in the absence of such compliance, the assessment made by the Management of Ravindra Bharathi is final for the damaged caused, if any.

  • Application for refund of caution deposit shall be received and paid 24 hours after and up to a period of 90 days from the date of performance. If no such application is received with in the time limit, the amount is liable to be forfeited.

  • The Token caution deposit made is liable to be forfeited if:
    a) the theatre is utilized by the allottee for the purpose to which it is not allotted.
    b) Any of other rules, regulations and conditions are contravened.

  • Besides the forfeiture of the caution deposit, the organizer, individual or occasion along with the office bears will be black listed for any contravention of the above and the theatre will not be allotted to that rules individual or association in future severally or collectively.



  • The Parties must obtain necessary permission from the Police and other concerned authorities before the date of the performance weather admission is by tickets / donations or by invitations and furnish to the Administrative Officer of Ravindra Bharathi before handed over the theatre, failing which the theatre will not be handed over at any cost and the allotment will be cancelled before the commencement of the programme.


  • The organisers are permitted to sell tickets in advance at the booking counter room subject to the condition that the counter is vacant.

  • Advertisement in the premises of the theatre will be permitted at such places and points as approved by the management and only SEVEN DAYS in advance of any particular Performance.


Sl.  No

Program Description

Rent. Rs.

Deposit Rs.


Arangetram – (Kuchipudi / Bharathanatyam or any other classical dances of India)




Cultural Programmes, Dance Drama, Dance Performance by Amateurs and Classic Music performances Invitation / t

ickets / donations / sponsors / musical nights




For all other programmes of 4 hours i.e. Cinema 100 days celebrations, Cinema Abhinandana Sabhas, Cinema Awards, Seminars, Meeting, Conferences




Film shooting for 8 hours (from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. only)





Overtime charges for each hour or part thereof for Amateur programmes



Charges for extension of programs organised by Tickets / Donations



Programmes of Schools and Colleges




Overtime Charges of the Programmes school programmes



Shamiana space for (in front of canteen) Lunch Purpose



General Lighting: For commercial Rs.3000/- Non Commercial Rs.1500/-


Hoarding at the entrance of Ravindra Bharathi                  20′ x 8′ size Rent per day

Hoarding at the entrance of Ravindra Bharathi 10’ x 10’                          (per day rent)





Rental for Ticket Counter






NOTE: Cleaning Charges: Rs.1500/- for commercial and Rs.1000/- for    non-commercial


Building illumination is Permitted. The party has to Pay Rs.1500/- towards the Electricity Charges. The Party Has to Prone The Generator at their own Cost for illuminations.


Mini Theatre / Conference Hall ( For 4 Hours ) – 100 seats capacity – Non Commercial

    1. Electricity & A.C. Charges – Rs.1000/-

    2. Metal Detector Charges – Rs.250/-

    3. Cleaning Charges – Rs.250

    4. Service Tax as per the Govt of India norms




Ghantasala Kala vedika – 300 seats




  • Based on the information provided in the website booking, the total charges will be fixed and informed to the parties through email.

  • The charges include rental charges of main theatre/conference hall/mini theatre, Hoarding space, number of sponsors (other than main organization) and caution deposit.

  • Payment shall be made as DD or Banker Check from any Nationalized Bank taken in favour of Secretary, Ravindra Bharathi, payable at Hyderabad. And shall submit at office of Ravindra Bharathi between 11AM – 3 PM.

  • Payment in any other format will not be accepted.

  • Parties belong to twin cities shall made the payment within 3 working days after conformation of booking, at the office of Ravindra Bharathi. Parties not belong to twin cities can submit their DD within 7 working days of their booking. If failed to do so, the booking will not be valid further.